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Complete SolutionComplete Solution Approach for a New House in New England

Complete Solution

GBI-Avis' Crane Installing a Module Component - GBI-Avis Handles All Aspects of your Project ThemselvesWhat sets Guaranteed Builders apart from other builders is our focus on quality and customer service.  Our business is built on delivering a superior product and a superior customer experience through our Complete Solution approach.


We utilize only high quality modular components.   We carry the full line of Excel Modular Homes and Professional Building Systems, premier constructors of high quality homes in the US.   In addition we also utilize our own manufacturing facility to build high quality custom modular components and panels. 


But like any form of construction quality components don’t automatically ensure a quality end product and happy customer.  The construction process that transforms quality components into a quality finished product is crucial.    So we have structured our company to excel at every aspect of this process. 


GBI-Avis' Crane Installing a Module Component - GBI-Avis Handles All Aspects of your Project ThemselvesWe employee a staff of high skilled and fully licensed professionals to handle every aspect of the construction process. In addition to having our own in house team we also own and operate all necessary heavy equipment.   This allows us to insure a consistently high quality product for our customer and also eliminate expanding timelines and subcontractor scheduling issues that derail projects and drive up costs.


And when we say every aspect of the building process we mean every aspect.  From engineering work, permitting and variance meetings to site work, water/sewer connects and finished carpentry we can do it all for our customers.  With our 35+ years of experience in the industry we have seen just about every project challenge imaginable and can utilize that wealth of experience on your project. 


Please contact us to see how we can apply our Complete Solution Approach to your project. 


Land Search


Ready to build your dream home but haven't found your dream piece of property?  Or do you need help selling your current home? Guaranteed Builders can help.  In the area for over 35 years, GBI has developed an extensive network to help customers find land for their dream home or sell their current home.  Our expertise in the industry can help guide you in selecting a property that will meet all your needs, budget and building requirements.  


Give us a call today and let us help you start on the path to your dream home.  It is just another component of our complete solution approach.       

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