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Demolish and RebuildModular Homes - Garages and Additions

Demolish and Rebuild


Do love your neighborhood but your home is just not meeting your needs?  

How about a new custom modular home to meet your needs built right on your current lot. 


Why Demolish your existing inadequate home and rebuild?

For many homeowners renovations to their existing home to make it meet their families' needs are cost prohibitive especially when they they tally all the costs associated with renovating and the impact to their lives of such an invasive and protracted process. 


However, by replacing your existing home with a new custom modular home the constructions process is streamlined and the disruption to your family is much less than with traditional construction methods.


Modular construction also eliminates those unwanted surprises typical with an extensive renovation project that can detail your project and your budget. 


GBI-Avis can handle all aspects of this type of project including the demolition of your current home.

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